Special Education Tips

Your Responsibilities

  • To ensure that the school provides your child with a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE)
  • To build a healthy working relationship with the school
  • Learn about your child’s disability
  • Know the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education
  • Prepare for the meeting with the Committee  on Special Education
  • Share outside evaluations and make them a part of the record
  • Keep copies of all records in a three ring binder
  • Attend meetings neatly dressed with a positive attitude and be on time

Meeting Strategies

  • Be comfortable where you sit
  • Do not start until everyone is present
  • Make sure introductions are made
  • Bring a picture of your child to place on the table
  • Do not argue or attack
  • Use collaborative language

Acknowledge what is said

  • Summarize in your own words.  Active listening helps others understand you heard even if you do not agree.  Active listening helps you process what has been said.
  • A positive working partnership between you your school district’s professionals will help your child in the classroom.
  • Remember our goal is not to litigate, but to provide our children with a free appropriate public education.

“Opening the Doors of Opportunity through Special Education”

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