RCAL is pleased to include videos featuring staff and the people that we serve, as well as informational and public service messages.

A Public Service Announcement about the Open Doors Transition Center Project.

This project seeks to help individuals with developmental disabilities access services in the community. The New York Association for Independent Living has partnered with RCAL to manage this program in Ulster county.

A Documentary in which our Peer Advocate, Jaime Bunt, participated.

Four Legs to Freedom from SUNY New Paltz on Vimeo

How to sign up for NY Alert

“Dear Hearing People – Film by Sarah Snow and Jules Dameron

Link to Animated Short featuring Anthony Mignone and RCAL

Click Here

Jaime Bunt teaches preschoolers about service dogs

Click to see Service Dog Training at Preschool

SCIRP – Spinal Cord Injury Research Program

New Yorkers to Cure Paralysis from Kenneth B Smith – kennethbsmith on Vimeo.

*Featuring Keith Gurgui, RCAL Systems Advocate

Spotlight in the Fashion Industry

“Society — and especially the fashion industry — often treats disabled people like they’re invisible. So it’s nice to see these men and women in the spotlight for a change,” wrote Melinda Clark in her Upworthy article. You can view the video below.

Kingston Now Show

Chief Executive Officer, Susan Hoger, and Systems Advocate, Keith Gurgui, talk about the services offered by RCAL.

TWC Video on Preventing Discrimination Against People with Disabilities with Lindsay Miller and Denise Figueroa

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