About RCAL


Through Advocacy and Education, we create accessibility and promote independent living for individuals with disabilities and the community as a whole. Your Independence is our Mission.

Resource Center for Accessible Living

Resource Center for Accessible Living, Inc. (RCAL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, community based service and advocacy organization run by and for people with any type of disability.  Since 1983, RCAL has been dedicated to assisting and empowering individuals, of all ages, to live independently and participate in all aspects of community life.  RCAL, as an Independent Living Center, has a long tradition of consumer controlled and directed service delivery.

It is RCAL’s philosophy that people with disabilities can and should make their own choices and decisions, and take control of all issues that affect their daily lives – education, employment, housing, health care, recreation, etc.

Board of Directors

  • Paula Kindos-Carberry, President
  • Darlene Donofrio, Co-Vice President
  • Susan Hoger, RCAL Executive Director
  • Paul Scarpati, Treasurer
  • Danielle Koeppen, Secretary
  • R. Marie Altenau
  • Joan Gundersen
  • Claudette Ford
  • Brian Berry
  • Keith Gurgui

RCAL Organizational Chart

RCAL Organizational Chart


“Thank you for your help over the years! ~Parent of an RCAL consumer”

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