RCAL says goodbye to two of its longtime and key employees

Goodbyes are never easy. It is with great sadness that RCAL says goodbye to two of its longtime and key employees.

River Lightwomoon was a founder of RCAL who helped write the original grant. She was the original bookkeeper, become the Chief Fiscal Officer. She kept us grounded year after year as the agency grew. She was always the steady voice you need in that key fiscal role, asking all the right questions about minimizing fiscal risk. River put in more weekend hours than anyone ever knew to keep this place going without ever a complaint. Questions about cash flow, she knew; questions about last minute budget changes, she knew; bad jokes, she knew. She was a person who was as likely to buy you lunch as play a terrible practical joke on you. Her spirit and dedication to RCAL is irreplaceable. She could not be more dedicated to our mission. I humbly, on behalf of the staff and board, thank her for everything she has accomplished. Well done. Enjoy your retirement!

Suzanne deBeaumont came to RCAL ten years ago as the assistant director. RCAL was just beginning its adolescent growth spurt. Suzanne was key in developing and implementing many of the programs that RCAL successfully runs today. Her willingness to learn new things so she could teach others and her ability to provide support and information on very detailed levels showed her sincere dedication to the organization. Suzanne was often the face of RCAL, attending many meeting out in the community. She was the person who handled all the initial complex calls from people who were suddenly faced with a crisis situation. Suzanne was always a good sport, easy to work with and was motivating to her staff.  RCAL wishes Suzanne all the best at her New Job with NYAIL. We know she will be able to make the same impact at the state level that she made at RCAL. See you at the Staff holiday party!

-Sue Hoger, CEO