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March 4, 2014

Contact: Janae Myers, Office Administrator
jmyers@rcal.org          845-221-0541 ext. 20

RCAL Intends to Generate Awareness of Services for People with Disabilities

“It is not unusual for someone to either walk in here or to call here and they are not exactly sure why,” said Resource Center for Accessible Living, Inc.’s (RCAL) Chief Executive Officer, Susan Hoger.

Often, people with disabilities are unaware of the services that are available to them or uncertain as to how they can obtain the ones they need. The staff at RCAL is continuously trying to make more services available, known and accessible.

Beginning in April 2014, RCAL will feature one of its services per month in the effort to make the Ulster County community more aware of what the organization and surrounding area has to offer for people with disabilities.

In addition to the services that RCAL provides, respective organizations and community services will be highlighted, encouraging community-wide participation and action.

RCAL is an organization created by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. It is a consumer-driven agency; what the consumers need, RCAL makes happen.

The vision is to “create a fully accessible, integrated community without barriers for people with disabilities, and to assist and empower disabled individuals to live independently and participate in all aspects of community life.”

Supportive employment opportunities for people with disabilities, a service offered by RCAL, will be discussed in April. Ulster County businesses have already gotten involved with this program.

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Our Mission is to assist people with disabilities to open the doors of opportunity and independence in the Ulster County region through self-determination by creating disability understanding and awareness, and access community-wide.